1. Does the hair shed?

Light shedding during the initial wash is expected just as when you wash your natural hair. Minimal shedding is normal just as the hair that grows from your scalp. Our recommendation is to seal the wefts before application. A cut weft is prone to shedding. Use organic/natural silk based products for best results and proper haircare.

2. Does the hair tangle?

No, our hair is cuticle aligned, so it does not tangle if it's maintained and cared for appropriately. Dry hair will lead to excessive shedding, not washing the hair frequently, oil buildup, or salt water can cause shedding and tangles. We recommend washing the hair once a week or twice every two weeks for healthy results.

3. Can I dye my hair bundles to other colors?

 Yes, our hair is 100 % human hair. The hair can be bleached and color dyed to the color of your choice. Over processing the hair can cause damage. Please seek professional coloring advice from a licensed esthetician/colorist.    

4. Is every strand of hair the same length?

 Our hair is 100 % unprocessed human hair. Short strands are unavoidable just as any natural head of hair there are some short strands. However, that does not takeaway from the quality of our hair which is provided from young donors.

5. How many bundles do I need for one head?

3 to 4 bundles plus a frontal or closure depending on your preference, hair texture, and style. Please consult with your hairstylist.

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