10 Ways To Identify Healthy Hair At First Sight

1. Healthy Hair has a natural sheen; without the excessive use of oils, lusters, or moistures. 

2. Healthy Hair has minimal breakage; Hair naturally sheds, however when you notice excessive shedding this should be a sign to reconstruct your hair with products that promote hair strength and anti/breakage minerals. 

3. Healthy Hair is always soft to the touch and has a lot of body (movement). avoid products that cause buildup as it will cause your hair to appear to be weighed down and can cause weakness in the hair strands.

4. You can identify healthy hair by the natural color and how the tone distributes throughout the hair shaft evenly. You can often detect heat damage and chemical damage in hair just by looking at its color distribution along with the other previously mentioned signs.

5. Split-ends is a huge indicator of damaged hair; No split-ends = Good 

6. The density of the hair can also be an indicator of the level of health each strand carries. The low density of naturally grown hair can be a sign of thinning hair, which can be prevented or reversed with care and essential products that promote hair growth. 

7. The elasticity of the hair and how far it can stretch without breaking is a good indicator of hair strength and good health.

8. The health of the scalp is impactful to the health of each strand of hair, hair requires protein, minerals, and oxygen. Eliminating the possibility of dandruff, lice, and any other hair parasite will ensure healthy hair.

9. Start your healthy hair journey by co-washing your hair every week, well-conditioned hair will have longevity. You can tell if the hair is well conditioned by the way it looks, moves, and feels. 

10. A lot of care and effort must be implemented in your hair-care process to achieve healthy hair. Specifically, regarding bundles and wigs when the hair is cut it is extremely important to seal the weft to prevent excessive shedding as this may cause good hair to appear as if it is damaged. Two ways, you can quickly identify unhealthy hair bundles is when the hair cuticles are not aligned, and there's excessive fly away hairs.

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